Industrial Electricity Rates

you are moving your business to a new location you may be surprised to find that you will automatically be locked into what is called a ‘deemed rate.’ This business electricity rate is deemed appropriate based on the usage of the previous owner/tenant of the premises you are now occupying.

Within just a few moments we can help you find business electric rates that will most often be much lower and we can help you lock into those commercial electricity rates for periods of one or even two years. As prices for energy keep going up, we can help you lock in industrial electricity rates at the price you are paying right now in this moment.

In fact, if your business has more than one location you can even get a multi-site quote for up to 10 sites from the same quote. It’s just as fast and easy and the only thing that will take a few more moments is when you need to type in the physical location you are requesting a commercial electric rate quote for.

Industrial Electricity Rates

If you are having difficulty accessing an online quote from us it may be because your annual usage is simply too high. If you use a half-hour metre or your electric consumption is over 732,000 kWh per year then we will need to get back to you with a bespoke quote.

Those rates will not be available online but we will be back with you for a quote quite quickly, so have no worries. If you are looking for cheaper rates, you have come to the right place.