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Lights off around the world for Earth Hour

On 26th March buildings around the world were plunged into darkness to raise awareness of energy efficiency and climate change.

Earth Hour 2011 was organised by the WWF and involved 134 countries switching off power in homes, businesses and even world landmarks between 8.30 – 9.30pm.

Landmarks that took place in the event this year in England included Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Old Trafford and the lights of Piccadilly Circus, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg urging people to get involved.

Scotland set a precedent by being the first country in the world where every city and local authority took part in the event, from cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow to the Shetland Islands.

In Edinburgh, the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh Castle turned their lights off, with other Scottish landmarks including the National Wallace Monument, the Kelvingrove in Glasgow and Inverness Castle.

The internet also did its part for climate change, with You Tube promoting the event by allowing users to switch the background from white to black and changing its logo.

Earth Hour was originally started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and has now grown to include countries across the globe. The event aims to show that a small change can make a big difference and to encourage homes and businesses to think about how much non-essential energy they use every day.